PIN-DD d.o.o.

The company "PIN-DD" was founded as a subsidiary of "PIN" Serbia on August 20 2014, based in Maribor, Slovenia.
Founder and owner is Dragoslav Nikolić.


St.  Kamenškova 16, 2000 Maribor
St.  PE Miklavška 53d, Hoče-Maribor


tel.  +386 31 359 385


Bank account :  SI56045150002407078, BIC KBMASI2X
Identification number :  66614750200
TAX id : SI20209088

Visiting hours:

Monday-Saturday:  09.00-17.00
Sunday: closed 

Od svog osnivanja bavi se uvozom, prodajom i izvozom kamiona, prikolica, gradjevinskih i drugih mašina na teritoriji Evrope.

In 2017, the company invested in trailers for oversized transport with the idea to penetrate special transport services industry in the territory of Europe with a focus on the European Union and the Balkan countries.

In the same year, the company was granted a license for carrying out transport locally and internationally.

In cooperation with the parent company from Serbia, "PIN-DD" builds new and maintains existing partners and clients, while constantly penetrating new markets.

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